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1987 Chevy Monte Carlo SS $12,500 
Contact Steve Barnes 
Turn Key Office 817 309-3702
Steve Barnes Cell 817 980-6046
1961 Lincoln Continental $17,500
Contact Steve Barnes
Turn Key Office 817 309-3702
Steve Barnes Cell 817 980-6046
1965 Chevy Pick C-10 For Sale $5000.00
This Pick up is all original. No modifications have ever been attempted on this vehicle that I am aware of or can see.
It has an 8’ bed and the bed to frame attach bolts are fairly new. The wooden planks in the bed are original and there are weak areas but none are tore up. The tail gate is all original with the original loop and chain holding links.
It has a 283 CI engine with a newly overhauled 2 barrel carburetor. A new choke cable has been installed.
The valve covers have new gaskets installed and a new PCV valve..
The oil and filter has been changed
The front end has been lubed
 The front wheel bearings have been repacked and new grease seals installed.
The brakes have been checked and the lining has plenty of wear left on them. I have photo’s of the lining and etc. The drums are in good shape with no grooves the wheel cylinders are dry, no leaks. Backing plates all cleaned. 
New 235-R75-15 tires have been balanced and installed on painted white spoke wheels. I also have the original wheels and hub caps .
The transmission is a manual non synchromesh 3 speed on the tree. Oil has been checked and found to be at the full mark.
The rear end has been checked for proper oil level and found to be OK.
The Radiator is fairly new and has been drained and new anti freeze has been added
A New battery has been installed.
 The interior is very clean. The seat has been recovered in Vinyl. The heater and defroster fan works when selected.
The gas tank has been removed flushed out and the inside has been etched. The outside has been painted. There is a new fuel quantity probe installed. New gas cap and new rubber grommet. Gas gauge works.
There is a new carpet still in the box for the floor. There are some rusted out areas in the floor that are very repairable.
All the glass is intact. No cracks. The door windows work fine up and down.
I have most of the outside trim pieces. The front chrome bumper has a ding in the left side that may be able to be straighten without chipping the chrome???
Overall, the body is in a very restorable condition. There are some rusted out areas. The left front fender has a rusted out portion in the lower aft end. I have a replacement fender for that side. Both left and right inner fenders have rusted out areas. I have both the left and right inner fender replacements. The rear chrome bumper has some severe damage from mishandling trailer hook ups. I have the broiler plated heavy duty bumper as a replacement. The bottom of the cab has rusted out area’s on all 4 corners and are repairable. There are a few dents in the rear quarter area’s and the right front fender.
This pick up definitely has the old age appearance in the Patina look. Note the photo. There are reasonable techniques in restoring the old age look in the Patina appearance. Or if you prefer a sanded down to bare metal and repaint for the new truck look. In either case this pick up is a prime candidate.
The truck is drivable. It is not registered. There is a clear Texas title. I live in a cal-de-sac. If you want to test drive.
 it up and down my front street that should not be a problem.. I would not recommend driving it beyond that area for obvious reasons..
Robert Hardisty
Home 817-251-9265 
Cell 817-600-1021